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About Synapse Learning

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Our Motivation:

Teaching is a tough job, I am not going to lie about that. We have faced all the challenges it has to offer ourselves.

So we have envisioned a community of teachers where teachers can get an answer to the problems they are facing. A place where teachers can ask questions, answer other's and share their experience with others.

By sharing the knowledge and experience they will not just help others but also help in building an ecosystem where contribution matters.

The problem we faced?

As a teacher, when we needed the second opinion, we couldn't get any. There is no place or community for teachers where we can go and get answers to the problems we are facing.

We also wanted a place on the web where students and teachers can collaborate in a safe and secure manner.

How Synapse help you?

It provides a safe and secure way to connect with students and other teachers. Be a part of a community of teachers where you can get an answer to your problems.

What are we offering?

Synapse is a safe and secure online platform for collaboration between students and teachers.

Synapse Teachers Connect:

A welcoming online community of teachers where getting a second opinion is easy. You can find how other teachers are making a difference in the classroom. What they are doing differently.

Help us spread the word:

As a teacher apart from Signing up yourself, you can invite others to join. Bigger the community, more helpful it will be.

If you are already using Synapse, you can share your experiences with us by writing a post.

If you have a suggestion regarding how can we do it better, contact us.

In Summary:

A welcoming community of teachers can make a huge difference in how teachers learn from others and then share their experiences with others.

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